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Modular Construction

Why Modular?

Over the past 30 years, the term “Modular Building” has gone through several phases. To us, the term is nearly meaningless because of the diversity of definitions.

Our business and interest lies in sectional buildings – that is, buildings designed as a whole, but built so that sections of the building are factory-produced, transported to the site, and erected to its finished state. Usually, most of the sections are quite different from each other, and therefore are not “modular” except, perhaps, in dimension.

The advantages of factory-constructed buildings, however, are our specialty. Properly handled, the designs offer many advantages:

1. Quality: Built in a factory by a skilled workforce, our buildings are rarely exposed to weather or its extremes and are built to exacting quality control and inspection programs.

2. Speed: Often, a building can be conceived, bid, and erected in less time than more conventional buildings can be dried in.

3: Cost: Analysis shows that our prices have risen at a much slower rate than conventional cost; furthermore, there has always been a big difference in cost between conventional buildings and sectional buildings, especially when time value is considered.

4: Flexibility: For many users, the sectional building offers many times the flexibility of usage, and durability than conventional structures. Often, it’s easier to build with sectional buildings than to remodel existing available structures.