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Elevated Coastal and Waterfront Homes on the Florida Gulf Coast

Waterfront construction for single family homes is booming on the west coast of Florida.

Although the housing market in Florida has suffered over the last 6 years due to a much needed correction the custom waterfront single family homes is the best value out there.

Bargain hunters and investors alike are picking up old 1000 sq ft homes on the beach, bay, river and canals up and down the west coast of Florida. They are a steal at 40 to 60% of their value just 4 years ago.  They are tearing them down and building new homes to new flood and high wind codes at a faction of the cost that it cost to build in the 90’s

Vacant waterfront land is also a real bargain today for investors and regular Joe’s that have always dreamed on sitting on their balcony and watching the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico. What was a dream because of the high cost to own a beach or waterfront home is now in the reach for the first time in a decade.

There are many reasons why these properties and vacant waterfront sites are affordable for so many people that live in Florida or are considering moving here.

  • Foreclosures are at an all time high due to the economy
  • Taxes were very high but have fallen to a normal rate
  • Building costs have fallen due to supply and demand
  • Building technology has improved and new applications are creating more value for less money
  • Elevated homes are built to never flood and withstand up to 170mph winds in some areas
  • Prefabricated homes speeds up build times and saves money

Thousands of homes are being knocked down and new home building technology is replacing them at every price level. You can get a beautiful elevated home built for as little as $100 sq ft that meets all flood and wind codes.  They can come with fully enclosed 6 bay garages, tiki huts, and concrete bulkheads and boast docks to maximize the lifestyle that you are looking for.

If you have always wanted to own a property on the water in Florida, now is the time. Find a company that specializes in these building techniques for coastal homes. They can show you just how easy and affordable it is to live the dream

SandCastle Coastal Homes is the leader in affordable waterfront custom homes in Florida. They are experts for these applications and use the most technologically advances building systems available today.