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Single Women Growing as Home Buyers

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently reported that single women are quickly becoming a significant percentage of the total nu,mber of home buyers in the U.S. real estate market. Last year 20% of all home buyers were single women.

According to the NAR, single women aren’t just purchasing more homes. They are growing savvier about the whole home buying process, being much more likely to ask piercing questions and demanding straight answers to their questions regarding prices, features, financing options, etc. And it is not just young single professional women who are buying homes, the range of single female buyers varies all the way from young singles to post-retirement women.

Due to the increasing number of single women buying homes, both builders and real estate brokers are “stepping up their game” to appeal to this large new segment of the buyer market. Builders are increasingly offering new homes with more extensive security features, low- or no-maintenance yards, gourmet kitchens, more spacious bathrooms, softer color schemes – all features that appeal much more to female than to male buyers.

“When a woman is shopping for a home with a man, she tends often to defer to the man’s desire for a garage, a workshop, or a work-at-home office,” says Rich Stover, a noted Sarasota Florida real estate agent. Conversely, says, Judie Berger, another respected Sarasota real estate associate broker, “when a woman is buying a home for herself, she tends to be more interested in how she may be most easily tailor the home to fit her own personal lifestyle, interesta and needs.”

As the real estate market continues to bump along without much actual growth, it behooves every real estate professional to pay attention to trends like this and tailor their marketing plans and actions appropriately.

Durable Elements for a Beach House

Shutters: While hurricane shutters contribute to the home’s classic look, they also offer protection from high winds and debris impact. Made with CPVC and steel reinforcement, these operable shutters resist moisture, rendering maintenance unnecessary.

Lumber: To ensure the home’s framing could withstand the harsh coastal climate, we work with a specially treated lumber that’s mold-, fungus-, and insect-repellent. Construction methods at SandCastle Coastal Homes are held to a higher standard than local and national building codes. You can’t use materials and products that aren’t designed and tested to stand up to the tough conditions of salt air and sun

Roofing: Galvalume metal roofs are a smart choice at the beach. It resists rust, a natural threat in the corrosive coastal environment. It also holds up well under strong winds, because it’s usually one piece of metal from the ridge to the fascia. Engineering and design for catastrophic wind and weather is a vital part to building on the coast

Siding: Fiber-cement siding looks like that found on historic coastal homes, without requiring the upkeep. “It’s architecturally correct, and has the look and feel of real wood. It’s very strong and the primer holds paint longer than natural wood products as well as resists chipping, peeling and fading

Pavers: If you want to give the home’s outdoor spaces the same historic feel as the house you have designed, select pavers for the ground-floor entertaining area. They will look as though they’ve been in place for decades and the pavers blend perfectly with the style of classic coastal homes on the Gulf. Using pavers makes a lot of sense as they eliminate cracks unlike monolithic concrete slabs. They move with the sandy soil and drain naturally.

Outdoor Lighting: Chose lanterns and flush-mounted them to survive high winds. The hand-riveted lights are made of copper, which won’t corrode in humid air.

SandCastle Coastal Homes specializes in beach house design that will last a life time…or longer

How do I choose the best beach house plans?

When choosing beach house plans, you should consider more than just looks, access to the beach, and views of the sunset. Good beach house plans must include materials that will be resistant to corrosion from sea salt, moisture, and other elements from the unpredictable ocean weather. The beach house plans must include strong supports and contingencies for floods, as well as effective living spaces that will ensure comfortable living. When considering beach house plans, review a variety of styles and structures that will be strong, safe, comfortable, and attractive while keeping your budget in mind.

While beach house plans should take into consideration the most important facets of its surroundings — the views of the ocean and accessibility to the beach — a beach house has to be more than just a pretty structure. Strong, storm-proof windows and doors that can withstand inclement weather should be included in the beach house plans. Consider storm doors and good quality windows that can withstand storm winds, rain, hail, and other elements. Perhaps more importantly, choose beach house plans that take into consideration the possibility of flooding. In many coastal areas, hurricanes and other strong storms can raise sea levels, and the water can damage houses easily. Houses built on stilts can help, but they must be built properly to be effective.
Another consideration for your beach house is temperature. Most beach houses are built and occupied in hot climates, which means the beach house should be a refuge from that heat. The beach house should utilize naturally shady areas of a yard to maximize coolness inside. Windows can be placed throughout the house so that sunlight hits them in the early morning but not in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. They can also be positioned to face the sunset, which will not only help keep the house cool, but also provide stunning views.

Verandas and porches are a good feature to consider for your beach house plan. These features maximize usable living space and provide a shady spot to enjoy the views. They are also handy when considering adding a hot tub or swimming pool, as the pool or hot tub can be installed near the veranda for a seamless transition from the inside of the house to the water. Verandas are also nice for entertaining guests. For a beach house near sandy beaches and water, consider an outdoor shower for quick clean-up after a dip in the ocean. These can be enclosed structures near the house or even attached to it.

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